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End of season 2018/19

Livigno 2015

Alpes with shaman-snowboard.pl TEAM

Hit the Alpes with shaman-snowboard.pl TEAM

We are starting winter season in December and ending in March or April in place where snow conditions are better than in Poland - in Italian Alpes or Dolomites

As always, our main goal is training so we will have few training groups it means that from piste opening time to midday our instructors are for you.

Val di Sole 2014
Price include
- accommodation: hotel / apartments (7 nights)
- board: HB breakfast and dinner (only for hotel accommodation)
- hotel-piste bus transfers
- transfer form Poland
- insurance
- skipass 6days

Training - 100 EUR
- 3-4 hour training on piste
- evening video coaching / analysis
- snowboard/ski service training
- service equipment/tools access
- team t-shirt and reflex-vest
- other propaganda and carving indoctrination

Bormio How it looks like?

On Friday bus is starting from Poland. We arrive to hotel on Saturday.

When accommodated, we are doing "equipment check" and service in hotel ski room. Then we have first dinner and time for bed ;)

Next six days is what we are for here. Carving ;) After breakfast approx. 8:00 we are going to bus that transfer us on Piste. After warming up and few free rides, we are starting with training. Approx. midday we are filming few rides for evening video analysis. Then we have dinner brake. After you can do what you want. Some of us if going for tourist exploring of slopes, but some of us still ride with instructors.
approx. 16:00 wa are going back to hotel by bus. When arrived to hotel, we meet in ski room for service. Then dinner and we are starting with video coaching/analysis. It takes all evening, especially first one ;)

On Friday instead of filming our ride for analysis, we are doing "photo session". After coming back to hotel, we are doing service and packing it for tomorrow journey. Instead of analysis we are doing "integration" ;)

Saturday is sad day. Its day when we are leaving... We come to Poland on Sunday morning.

Training groups

Mainly there are three groups:
- Alpine snowboarding - dedicated for softboot and hardboot riders that are beginning adventure with carving snowboarding
- Race snowboarding - group for experienced riders, like students that wan to train before Acadamic Polish Championships, or carvers that wan to improve their skills. In Alpes we are not planning no on-gate trainings.
- Ski - For people that do not believe that "Two legs are growing from one ass, not for two skis ride, but one snowboard" ;)

Livigno Accommodation

We are not typical school. We are carving/race team, so our main goal is base carving, on-edge ride. We are not good place to start snowboarding. We do not have resources for it. So if you want to start your snowboard adventure, please start with any snowboard school. When you learn how to slide, and perform rotation slide turns, so normally after 2-6 hours of learning, it is best moment to join us.
Sometimes we have to go through entire resort to slope where we will be training, so you need sliding skills to reach it. Sometimes we need to slide by narrow and steep slopes. So your snowboard skills need level when you can travel on board with group.
If you are able to do it, then we will show our vision of snowboarding, and how to achieve level of skill when you fill pleasure of playing with centrifugal force during every turn ;)
The same with skis. We have no dedicated ski group. But if you can ride, and you want to learn on-edge carving, we will help.

Val di Sole 2016 Equipment

We have some test equipment, but it is "TEST" not "Rental" equipment. Of course if you have equipment problems, we will help. Minimum equipment that you need to have are boots, helmet and clothing ;)
If you are renting, or buying snowboard, please search for directional board, with camber construction and stance less than 50cm. Freestyle twin-tip boards with 60cm stance are not good solution for carving. Also boards with rocker construction, or strange American things like Never Summer or Lib Tech with strange hybrid construction and magne traction edge shape will not help in carving, so try to avoid such solutions.

That is what for we are existing ;) We have test hardboot gear like bindings, plates and boards but we have no hardboots. If you want to try hard snowboarding, you need your own. It is quite possible that you will used hardboots on internet for 25EUR ;) If you want to try, email us. We will try to help.

any questions? Ask on our society forum: SnowAnarchy.pl

Videos from our first camps

Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone, e-mail: info@shaman-snowboard.pl kom: 512 166 44O (po 17:00), Kraków (okolice węzła Wielickiego)